52' x 76' oval Hayes 2

“Hi!   We could not be more pleased! The tent is awesome! Amazing quality! We will definitely contact you for any more tent needs we have! You definitely exceeded our expectations! We will highly recommend you! Delivery was fast as well! Thanks so much!” Angie-Majestic Pines Wedding Venue, Oklahoma

“A big shout out to David and his crew. They build strong, quality tents and they’re great folks to work with. Last fireworks season we were hit by a microburst in our area that uprooted trees 2 feet in diameter. The National Weather Service recorded wind speeds of 80 mph.  Our 30 x 70 Miami tent came through it with flying colors. Only one corner stake came loose (pulled out of the ground). Our tent stood tall with no damage. Buy your tents from David, leave the cheaper manufacturers alone. The quality, service and peace of mind are well worth it. Thanks David for an excellent tent!”  Marlin Parrott, B&M Fireworks

“We purchased a tent from you in June of 1999. We have had thousands of people worship the Lord in this tent. We have a great number of people come to know our Lord Jesus Christ and tons of deep things happen in the hearts of those gathered. Thanks for building such an awesome structure that has lasted years at 9100 feet in elevation and that has stood up against rain, hail, sleet and the sun’s UV rays. We bless you and thank you for hearts for the Kingdom!” Bear Trap Ranch, Colorado

“Hello! Just another rave on the tent. We just finished a setup in Eureka, CA where we had the wildest weather yet! There were wind gusts at 95 MPH and tons of rain. The tent held beautifully.” Theron Walz, The Heartbeat of Jesus Ministries, Colorado

“Hi Tammy and David and all the crew at Miami Tent. I would like to say thank you for our wonderful marquees. We love them and the quality is as always fantastic. So we would like to say a massive thank you to all the crew who made these tents happen. We like them so much we are thinking of buying 2 red and blue 30 x 40 pole tents. So thank you again. We are going to have a really good time sharing these tents with the world. Miami tents are the best in the world!!! We are so very happy that we finally got it together to purchase them. Thank you for your patience.” Gary Davis, Tiger Tents, Wales

“After nearly one year of continuous use as a warehouse, our tent has performed beyond our expectations. The tent has not only survived, but excelled in major downpours of rain, wind gusts, 18 plus inches of snow, and nearly three weeks of 45 to 50 below zero temperatures. The snow generally releases itself from the vinyl, but I have fabricated a drag to remove excess snow as needed. I guess we didn’t believe the fire rating of the tent last summer as we had a bonfire within 100 feet of the tent and the winds allowed the fire to blow on the tent. The tent passed the test. It didn’t burn! Nearly a dozen burn holes and many pin holes were easily patched with the kit included in our tent purchase. We plan to add a second tent this year. Oh yes, it will be from Miami Missionary Tent! Thanks for the great Arctic tested and proven product!” Scott Faulkner, 49ER Feed Distributors, Inc., Alaska

125'X149'A year and a half ago, we ordered a tent from you guys. After shopping around on the Internet, I actually discovered that you were cheaper with new tents than buying one of equivalent size that was used. That was a plus, but I wondered if it would last. Of course, we had no intention of it being up for more than a few months. It has not only served us well, but has survived the elements quite well. A durable design and easy to work with. The tent has been in place for over 18 months. It is the most reliable thing in the whole deal of putting up the new building. In fact, it has become somewhat of an icon in our small community. You guys are awesome and it has been a pleasure to deal with you. I would buy again from you a hundred times! Thank you so much!” River Rock Church, California

” A Miami Missionary Tent is a great tool in winning the lost to Jesus Christ. Thousands have found the Lord in our new tent. It’s well constructed, and the company has been very supportive in helping us in this new venture. It was a great moment when our tent went up in the air for the first time.” Lowell Lundstrom, Lowell Lundstrom Ministries Inc., South Dakota

52'x76'cingari4 - Copy“We have purchased many tents from Miami Missionary Tent and they have all performed very well. Recently, one of our 18 oz premium 52′ x 76′ tents went through a severe storm that pulled all of the stakes out of the ground, lifted entire tent with poles up into the air and threw into a line of trees. Part of tent was wrapped around tree with center poles and all on top of it. I was amazed that there was no damage, not a single hole. We set it back up and our customer had a beautiful wedding as planned. The strength of the Miami Missionary Tents always amazes us.” Berry Good Fireworks, Missouri

“The quality and workmanship are the best. Even more important, the service and concern after the sale have resulted in a friendship between me and my ministry staff and Miami Missionary Tent Company without reservation.” Steve Wingfield, Steve Wingfield Ministries, Virginia

125'x173'olsen1“We purchased our Miami Missionary Tent in July 2008. It is a 30′ x 50′ rectangle. The other day while I was preaching, a storm came through with 80 mph winds, the tent stood throughout and we continued with the meeting. My old tent would have definitely blown down. I was very impressed.” Larry Hoyle, Montana Church Planters

“We were in a meeting when 70 mile per hour winds came through and the tent stayed without sustaining any damage. Any future business will be done with you and we highly recommend you to anyone else. We have had a lot of people say it is the nicest tent they have ever seen.” Bobby Plunkett, Bobby Plunkett Ministries, Texas

“This tent was put into service for the Lord Jesus Christ going on 21 years. It has been set up 181 times and has been through high winds, heavy rain storms & snow. It continues to serve faithfully. I have worked with other tents before and by far Miami Tent is the best we’ve found. They strive to make a quality product in a world that cuts corners. It is constructed to last, easy to set up and they have a staff & owner that are great to work with. It will probably last another 5 years in service, if taken care of. I would not purchase from another tent company.” David Barnes, Holy Spirit and Fire, Arizona

52'roundallen1“I am the third owner of a 52′ x 76′ Miami Tent. It was originally purchased in 1996. I have been using tents most of my life. This tent went through storms that other tents would have blown down. I am very impressed with the workmanship and materials in my tent.”  Frank Murry, Elephant Walk Inc.., Wisconsin

“The 61′ tent is beautiful and I am very pleased with it. The improvements you have made since 1990 are great. You build the best tent in the USA and probably the world! Thanks again!” Gary Bailey, Reach the World Ministries, Pennsylvania

38'x62'nasstrom11“I just wanted to say thanks for the great tents and great service that your team has given me as I have worked Foursquare Mississippi Disaster Relief. I especially thank you for the constant support that you have given me and my teams. I do not regret the price I paid for the premium tents. We have had some storms come through our area that have destroyed more inexpensive tents from some of the other teams in our area. The thing that I have enjoyed is the peace of mind knowing that while I am in Texas and my teams are in MS, I don’t have to worry about a tent coming apart while people are living in these tents. You really are more than a tent maker, you are a ministry supporting the front line troops in our Lords Kingdom. Thanks!” Pastor John Elliott, Four Square Disaster Relief, Mississippi

“Our Miami Missionary Tent recently went through hurricane Floyd, which was a category 4 (with winds up to 150 mph). Our tent stood the test beautifully.” Pastor Eugene Clare, Rhema Christian Chapel, Bahamas

R: 139 G: 255 B: 169 X:35444 Y: 2752 S: 0 Z: 144 F: 128“I have been using all kinds of tents from many different manufacturers for 50 years. At my last set up in Ft. Worth, Texas, we had very strong winds and yet the tent was not affected at all. My Miami Missionary tent has proved to be the best built and toughest of them all.” Worldwide Evangelistic Assoc. Inc., Tennessee

“We purchased a 110′ x 218′ tent from Miami Tent in 2000. We set it up many times each year for our circus. It has been through many storms with winds of 70 mph and the tent didn’t budge. The tent connection system is very good and the way the seams tighten up is terrific. Whenever we purchase another tent, it will be with Miami Missionary Tent.” Serge Coronas, Circus Hollywood, Florida

48'x70'boggs18“I purchased my 40′ x 120′ rectangle tent from Miami Tent in 2008. I have used it frequently and I am very satisfied. On one occasion, I had the tent set up near a construction site. A 60′ x 200′ ‘metal building was going up. A storm came through and blew the building down but the tent remained standing. I was very impressed. The tents I have purchased from other companies tend to collect water where my Miami Tent does not. The quality, durability and price combination are unmatched. The design of their tent allows for quick, easy and secure setup. I have recommended Miami Tent to many of my customers and acquaintances.” Rick Hoffman, Hoffman Family Fireworks, Missouri

CROWD“We used Miami Tents for the first time this year. Everyone here was extremely impressed by the beauty and quality built into the tents. Our big 77′ x 125′ premium oval kept the customers comfortable regardless of the weather conditions. The 36′ round tent made a great merchandise sales center. The 21′ x 57′ was our covered picnic area and the 20′ x 20′ and 20′ x 30′ were perfect for the main admission gate and performers green room. The tents are so beautifully made and create such a pleasant atmosphere for the user I think there is an uplifting effect on the customer. We just want to thank you and your staff for continuing to produce such a high quality offering for the tent market. Miami Tent is just one more example of the value of keeping quality and integrity first. Keep up the good work.”  Sons and Brothers Events; Colorado

38'3Hjelvik“In 1995 Schambach Revivals was in need of a new tent for our inner-city crusades. We found Miami Missionary Tent Company to have a staff with a heart for ministry and an ability to manufacture quality tents. Our tent was possibly the largest made by Miami Missionary at that time. They were on schedule with tent’s construction, and were able to accommodate our special requests. Because of its frequent use, it was important that we had the most durable, best quality tent we could find. The revival tent has held up under all types of adverse weather conditions. I would not hesitate to recommend Miami Tent Company to anyone in need of a tent of any size.” Schambach Revivals, Texas

“We used our new tent for the first time. It was wonderful! It even stood up against the full force of the wind on Saturday, and a downpour of rain. We had the blessing of sharing the gospel with 2,800 children, teens and adults. Wow! I’m so thankful the Lord directed us to you!” Mary Anne Pirie, Child Evangelism Fellowship; Canada

61'X181'FLEMING7“We bought a tent from you many years ago. We were in revival in Millbrook Alabama when hurricane Isaac hit, with wind speeds of 165 mph, the top did not even have a scratch and was still standing, only the sides were torn. Thank you for such well made tents.” Pastor Tommie Miles, Light of Jesus Outreach Ministries, Florida

38'x62'daniels13 - Copy“Fred & I would both like to thank your company for the fantastic tent that we bought from you a couple of months ago. Last Saturday was it’s first time as a circus tent, it was such a magical experience. Fred was almost moved to tears as it has been a life-long ambition of his to own a small circus tent and tour with it. Everybody commented on how beautiful the tent looked. There were a lot of very happy, smiling people there that day! Thank you for your total professionalism, kind help and excellent product.” Fred Delius, Fred’s Flying Circus, United Kingdom

100X190wintermeyer5“For the past 5 years I have worked full time with Camp Sonshine in Silver Spring, Maryland. After many disappointing experiences with various other tent companies we discovered your company. We have been using one of your tents for a number of years in Maryland. We were impressed both with your customer service as well as the quality of your tents.” Jeff Keiser, Camp Sonshine, Nebraska

36'roundpoole - Copy“The Vernon County Extension Center would like to thank you for your excellent service in regards to our tent repair in late July. Your prices were reasonable, service excellent, and staff friendly and helpful.” Pat Miller, University of Missouri Extension, Missouri

“Our 77′ x 125′ tent was the “official dinning area” for the Pentagon rescue and recovery effort following the 9-11 attack. It is the only tent in the history of the Pentagon to be set up in the South Parking Lot. Half way through the recovery effort, a tornado touched down just across the highway from where we were set up. Our Miami Missionary Tent NEVER MOVED! Thank you for making such a quality product to be used for the Gospel.” Denny Nissley, Christ In Action, Virginia

77x149Kendrick2“Miami Missionary Tents are wonderful and beautiful. I am proud to set them up for my customers!” Scott Sester, Party To Go, Illinois

“We have used Miami Tents in the tent ministry since 1997 and just want to let you know what a GREAT tent you make! We have had our tent in 90 MPH winds, hard rains, sleet, snow & extreme heat and not once have we had a problem.” Allen & Cheryl Walz, Colorado

40'tents 041“…working with Miami Tent was an excellent opportunity to extend our operations and to come across a good product and a great team. Thank you Miami Tent.” Dora Patrascu, Bon Mariage Wedding Planning Agency, Romania

“We had our 40′ x 60′ Miami Tent up in 10 days of bad weather. The winds were gusting steady between 50-85 MPH and the tent stood beautifully. A local tent and awning company couldn’t believe how well the tent performed. Thank you for your high quality product.” Henry Crowell, The Crowell Family Circus, California

48'x70'formuzal3“Our 52 ft. tent was a joy to erect – everything fit together perfectly and the velcro closures sealed it up beautifully. The printed directions were clear and the DVD made the whole process seem familiar. We’re already planning the second outreach for this month and can’t wait to continue the joy of ministry. We should be ordering a 24 ft. center section with a 2nd pole soon. Sure am glad we chose such a high quality product from Miami Missionary Tent!” Dave Allen, Heart and  Cross Evangelism, Texas

48'poole1“Throughout my 32 years of working with tents, having owned & been in almost every tent company known in the USA, the quality of the Miami Missionary Tent surpasses all other tent companies. Not to mention the very affordable tent prices.” George Huffman, Hallelujah Tents, Tennessee

“We have your 18oz premium 52′ x 112′ oval tent.  The tent stood through 100MPH straight line winds when everything around it was damaged or destroyed.  Very impressed with the strength of construction.”  A-GA-MING Golf Resort, Michigan

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