Party Tents And Their Myriad Of Uses

A party tent is popular choice for wedding events, trade fairs and other outdoor events where 50 or more people gather together. This type of tent is more costly than traditional canopies used in the backyard and it usually requires a few extra people to set up. Party tents for special events are harder to.. read more →

How To Maintain Your Tent

Maintaining your tent is certainly about checking and fixing obvious defects in the tent fabric and hardware as well as tent set up and take down.    It also includes communicating with customers about where the tent will be set, potential obstructions like overhead wires as well as possible temperature changes.   Even proper maintenance of your.. read more →

Pole tent vs. Frame tent

Making the decision on whether to purchase a pole tent or frame tent for your business or ministry is very important. While you are making this decision, it is very critical to find one that perfectly matches what you need. For many people the idea of making this choice can be quite intimidating. If you’ve.. read more →