Party Tents For Sale ~ Pt. 2

Part 2:  How Big Should My Tent Be? There is no simple way to respond to this question. Since your area requirements are so critical to your individual need, it can be difficult to determine exactly how big your party tent should be. Nevertheless, you can get a rough idea of just how much space a.. read more →

Securing Your Party Tent During Extreme Weather

The # 1 concern is Safety: Evacuate the Tent Site. The tent installer/ end user is liable for preparing for and keeping an eye on weather conditions. Failure to leave the party tent up during serious weather condition can lead to severe injuries or casualties. Effects of Inclement Weather on a Tent Rain: Rainwater can.. read more →

Add A Touch of Elegance To Your Next Big Event

Trying to find a place to hold your next business event? Planning a special occasion or wedding event and searching for that special area? Has an event tent ever entered into your planning thoughts? Whether you want to buy an event tent or even lease one, tents provide numerous benefits over having the party at an event center or.. read more →

Party Tents For Sale ~ Pt. 1

You already understand why a dependable party tent is an essential part of any outside gathering.  However, all that understanding does not make the process of choosing any easier. In truth, it really makes it much more stressful due to the fact that you understand exactly what can occur if you do not make the.. read more →